Lesley Huang

android developer 📱 & data visualizer 📊

✨ Client Work


Digital mural on personal experiences and wellbeing during the initial peak of the pandemic, illustrated with 14 interactive data visualizations

Perfect Match (2021)

Valentine’s Day matchmaking service that uses machine learning to pair over 5000 Cornell students with their perfect matches

(there may be a hidden easter 🥚)

💁‍♀️ Personal Projects

SF Tree Rings

Simple and experimental explorations of trees planted in San Francisco

Sleep Hygiene: An Intimate View

Reflection of good sleep hygiene habits vs. personal sleep patterns

Amazon's Acquisitions

Radial chart animation of Amazon's acquisitions since 1998

Ludwig's 2021 Subathon

Recap of Ludwig's 31-day subathon that led to him becoming the most subbed streamer on Twitch

🏆 Contests + Twitter Challenges

D3 Parade

Celebrating 10 years of D3.js through an exploration of D3 Github repositories

featured in D3 Parade 2021

Toxin Contamination in SF Bay

Data exploration of PCB and mercury contamination in San Francisco Bay waters

UK Exports

Experimental radial area chart visualization of the decline in UK exports